Thursday, July 3, 2008

First Vita Plus Marketing Plan :How to be a First Vita Plus Dealer

1. DIRECT SELLING - RETAIL PROFIT on 25% DISCOUNT on REPEAT ORDERS (VITA PLUS products and/or FVP Catalogue Products).

2. SALES COMMISSION (SC) - for every Direct Sale of VITA PLUS POWERPACK (12 boxes / Direct Sponsor), you will earn P500.00 incentive for as many as you can.

                   You can sponsor unlimited number of New Direct Dealers under your sales group.

- for every VITA PLUS POWERPACK (12 boxes / Indirect Sponsor) sold by Dealers that you sponsored. You will receive P385.00 worth of Product.

4. GROUP SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION (GSOC) - First Vita Plus dealers receive a bonus of PhP 1,500 for every group sales match. Dealers will be assigned with two (2) sales groups. Regardless of whether he/she is a direct or indirect sponsor, a dealer receives a maximum of  10 SALES MATCHES per Day until infinity for as long as his/her group sales A matches with group sales B in the main network, it does not have to be balanced.

Residual Income through the 3-Level Rebate System consisting of 3%, 2% and 1% rebate from the repeat orders or repeat sales (VITA PLUS products and/or FQ catalogue Products) of Dealers within your sales network.

Group Sales Match BONUS are computed on daily basis with maximum of ten (10) Matches per day.This is the SAFETY NET of the Company.

  • A PowerPack bag with 12 boxes of First Vita Plus.

  • Bulk order: pay 10 boxes and get FREE 2 boxes and 1 traveling bag.
  • Dalandan PowerPack price: P7,699 only. Savings of P1,541 when buying in bulk while the Guyabano Powerpack price: P9,350 only. Savings of P1,870.